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  EVRYMAN is CrossFit for your emotions

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We can’t change what life brings. We can change how we respond.

EVRYMAN is not about “finding yourself,” but “creating yourself” -- understanding and acting productively on your emotions instead of burying or redirecting them, and thereby building a more fulfilling life. With the need for safe distancing, our online program gives you what you need now more than ever. It’s an interactive behavioral curriculum, not therapy or guru worship, and we invite you to experience it for yourself.

Many of us have suffered major personal, professional and financial losses over the last several weeks, often on top of pre-existing feelings of sadness, loneliness or disconnection.

As a Benefit Corporation, we invest profits directly into operational costs, programming, and the technology required to inspire and improve the lives of men, their communities, and humanity at large.

The EVRYMAN Podcast

Hosted by EVRYMAN Co-founder Dan Doty

Your host, Dan Doty, is an EVRYMAN co-founder and former director of cult hit tv show MeatEater. His many media appearances include multiple segments on the Joe Rogan Experience and Today Show, always sharing that today to be a man means to be yourself all the way through.

Each week Dan brings diverse perspectives to the podcast, with writers, pundits and explorers from across the globe, each with experiences worth sharing. You won’t be bored, but you may find your preconceptions of life’s possibilities challenged!

Dan has also “put his insight where his mouth is” as a designer of the EVRYMAN framework and curriculum, one tenet of which is that a “man’s man” can still be a sensitive, caring, emotional being to the extent that he wants to be. Does that mean “we can have it all”? No. But, often, it means that we can have more than we ever imagined. Lend us your ears and hear for yourself.

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Drop-in Group

Engage with a group of 15-24 guys, in a guided exploration of EVRYMAN fundamentals. EVRYMAN leaders, and sometimes guest speakers, present key concepts, with time for sharing and the opportunity to get to know others in the group. You can even gather up some guys and form a group of your own.

* calls are free and open to any person that identifies as a male

Special Events

Join EVRYMAN Community members and guest speakers for special community calls and themed groups that present key concepts and facilitiate community gathering with like minded men.

Event types and themes are listed weekly and available to any person that identifies as male free of cost.


Knowledge, Resources, and Community for the Long Haul

As an EVRYMAN community member, you gain resources every day to help you slow down, face forward, and use life‘s emotional challenges -- for stronger connections with your loved ones, your life‘s work, and yourself. And you gain on-demand access to our foundational advantage: working it through with other guys.


To help you keep moving forward, toward the man you want to be, EVRYMAN monthly membership offers:

  • Opportunities to learn from other guys who have experienced some of the emotional challenges you face
  • Facilitators with decades of experience in meeting you where you are in life, while sharing a curriculum and toolbox that have been stress-tested with guys in all walks of life
  • A structured, guided approach to mindful emotional intelligence and expression, that enables you to have difficult conversations, make critical choices, and build fulfilling friendships and intimate relationships, step by step.

Ultimately, only you know the kind of man you want to be, and we can help you get there. It’s hard work and it’s rewarding in ways you can’t as yet imagine. We hope to see you online!



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